Title: 4-Day Exclusive: Celebrate 16 Years of Dexter's Laboratory!

Uploaded: Around April 28, 2012

Length: Unknown (Approx. 11:37:00)

Description: WARNING This is a 4-day exclusive! After 4 days, I will delete it to avoid trouble with YouTube and/or Cartoon Network! So hurry and feel free to comment on it, rate on it or whatever before it is too late! WARNING I do not own or claim to own any contents of this video file, for no copyright infringement is intended but... To coincide with the sixteen years to the day that Dexter's Laboratory, my most favorite TV Show and animated cartoon of all time, became a regular TV series on CN on April 28, 1996, I have put together this 11 hours and 37 minute compilation of selected footage from the very best seasons of Dexter's Laboratory, from the very first pilot episode to Last But Not Beast, the original series finale (besides and except for Ego Trip). Note to self: you may scroll or skip or something through this whole thing and please choose which selected footage from Dexter's Lab is your favorite. Please also note that some episodes are presented in full, and that all the selected footage are not from the less-than-beloved last two seasons of the show that aired from 2001 to 2003, but rather the earlier and more beloved first two or four seasons of Dexter's Lab that aired from 1995 to 1998. I hope you enjoy this 11 hours and 37 minute compilation of selected footage from the very best seasons of Dexter's Laboratory!

Lost StatusEdit

This video was uploaded by Timbox on his Timboxmckenzie account around April 28, 2012, the 16th anniversary of Dexter's Laboratory. This 11 1/2 hour behemoth of a video was a compilation of all of Timbox's favorite Dexter's Laboratory episodes, many of which starred characters like Lee Lee, Action Hank, and Mandark.

This video, per the title, was always intended to only be up for just a few days. However, despite giving the video a four day limit, Timbox forgot to delete the video for several weeks afterwards. Whether the video's eventual disappearance was due to being pulled by Youtube, or Timbox simply finally remembering to delete the video, is unknown.