Fanpop member McHopnPop made a poll where fellow Fanpop members could vote on which of Dee Dee's ethnic friends, Lee Lee or Mee Mee, they prefer. Lee Lee won an overwhelming 80% of the votes, including a vote from Timbox.

Timbox's response to the pollEdit

Well, MCHopnPop, I also picked Lee Lee, the Asian friend of Dee Dee, Dexter's Sister. Not only is Dee Dee's Asian Friend Lee Lee is my favorite female character from Dexter's Lab (and whom I like besides my main blue man, Jake Sully, who is Sam Worthington's 10 foot tall blue alien/human hybrid hero from James Cameron's AVATAR), but I shall also bring back her, along with Dee Dee's black friend Mee Mee and Mandark's sister Lalavava, for Dexter's Odyssey, a long cherished dream project of mine, a theatrical big screen multi-part or so live action/animated cartoon hybrid Dexter's Lab/Powerpuff Girls crossover fantasy epic or so where Dee Dee's Asian Friend Lee Lee is the main central female lead, and, other than Dexter and Dee Dee, the main central lead character the audience is to identify with in Dexter's Odyssey. 

Just kidding, MCHopnPOp, but I like Dee Dee's Asian Friend Lee Lee, too!

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