Tim Box Presents Moloch The Tyrant Lizard King

Tim Box Presents Moloch The Tyrant Lizard King

Timmy's foray into poetry

Title: Tim Box Presents Moloch The Tyrant Lizard King

Uploaded: October 9, 2008

Length: 1:43

Description: Just a slideshow made with Roxio's Cinemagic software illustrating my poem, Moloch the Tyrant Lizard King, which is about a tyrannosaurus rex by the name of Moloch. You can hear me narrate the poem over my two Moloch illustrations I did using Photoshop.

Note to self: Moloch is my T-Rex which is named after an ancient Hebrew god.


[Video opens to a generic PowerPoint background of some coins, with an enormous red and black dinosaur resembling an apparently armless tyrannosaurus rex in the center of the screen. Electronic music is playing in the background. Video fades out, only to fade back in to the same picture. Video fades out again, this time to a video of Moloch, the aforementioned tyrannosaurus rex, running, this time with barely visible arms. Video fades out once more, returning to the same picture. After this, the music abruptly stops and the volume drops substantially as Timbox returns to the original picture, this time without the coin background, and proceeds to read his poem.]

Timbox: Dark as night

Giving fright

Red as blood

Powerful as a flood

Feet like a bird's

My brain's bigger than a nerd's

More powerful than a snake

I make the Earth shake

But my arms are too short to reach my mouth, so then I have to abort and use my jaws instead

And oh boy I have a pretty big head

My teeth as knives

To put out dinosaur lives

I have a pretty big mouth

Compared to those of meat eating dinosaurs from the South

I live in the prehistoric past

But as for the tyrant lizards, I am the last

[Timbox clears his throat]

Timbox: Boy, don't eat cake

I make the Earth shake

As I dreamt for the ground without grass

Trees crack as I passed

With daggers in my big mouth

I walk far north then south

Ripping other dinosaurs to tears

Beyond calendar years

[Video switches to aforementioned picture of Moloch running.]

Timbox: I roam Lake Cretaceous, North America, round and round

I never lie on the ground

Not even to die

Moloch am I

Biggest tyrant lizard king of them all

Usual and tall

If you ever met me

You won't forget me

If you never do

You won't think I'm true

But oh Moloch am I

And I never lie