Title: Timmy's World at Night: Take Five

Uploaded: July 10th, 2008 (Bobtherbuf)
Length: 2:05
Description: Take Five of me doing stuff in the middle of the night.


Timbox: Sorry for the low batteries and stuff that plague my camera.

Timbox appears lost in thought, then starts

Timbox: So you, Hubie, Marina, and Rocco...

Timbox wags his finger as if scolding the penguins

Timbox: We're going to the gates of Zinj, okay? 

Camera moves to his computer

Timbox: And a one and a two. A one two and a one two three.

[Anotation: This footage is from the March 1996 DIsney's Dinosaur Test phase, done using miniature sets and CG characters and effects and I played Jerry Goldsmith's Gates of Zinj from Congo (1995) over a shot where a CG Iguanodon rampages through a miniature forest, trying to avoid a CG monkey/lemur hybrid. It was included on the 2-Disc Dinosaur DVD from Disney.]


Timbox is rocking out

[Anotation: I was enjoying that clip and that music, alright.]

Timbox smiling

Timbox: So, Hubie, Rocco, and Marina.

Camera changes back to his picture of the Pebble and the Penguin.

[Anotation: This video was published on YouTube on November 2007 by the time I was Timthefilmmaker. If you want to watch more of my videos go to and watch them all by the way.

That's All Folks!]
Timmy's World at Night Take Five

Timmy's World at Night Take Five