Timmy's World at Night- Take Six

Timmy's World at Night- Take Six

Title: Timmy's World at Night: Take Six
Uploaded: July 10th, 2008 (Bobtherbuf)
Length: 0:44
Description: Take six of me doing stuff in the middle of the night.


[The computer shows the penguins from the Pebble and the Penguin again] 
[Annotation: "Some people on the internet were wondering why Hubie, Marina, and Rocko were important to me."] 
Timbox: So we meet again for the last time Hubie, Marina, and Rocko.

[Annotation: Then, someone on the internet said that Hubie, Marina, and Rocko, actually characters from te Pebble and the Penguin, were part of my family and he or she was so serious about that.]

[Timbox does a weird Michael Jackson laugh]

Timbox: See you on Thanksgiving at Aunt Tina's house.

[Timbox laughs like a madman]

[Annotation: this is the fifth home movie of mine ever published on YouTube on November 2007, around the time I was Timthefilmmaker. To watch more of my videos, go to and see them at your own risk. Tim Box for President, y'all! I'm outie! Peace!]

Timbox: So that's it. And that's it because all the low batteries. And it's draining my camera. Oh, by the way, have a happy holidays, you know.
[Timbox changes the camera to show himself, wagging his finger, then turns off the video.]